Gare Maritime TOUR & TAXIS

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for 50 neighborhood resident of Gare Maritime TOUR & TAXIS 

In Brussels, the demand for a fitness club with top coaching is increasing

We are proud to open our new Fyzix Fitness Club in the Gare Maritime soon!

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Our coaches have the greatest expertise in the field of
Fitness & Health Coaching
They know exactly how to achieve your fitness goals 

They create a tailor-made program for you: 


Improve condition

Build muscle strength 

Rehab After Injury

Note: number of VIP deals limited to 50

We work with the most advanced fitness equipment

This is what you can expect:

Fully automatic Strength and Cardio equipment

Personally set and adjusted step by step

NASA technology for faster and safe results

Note: number of VIP deals limited to 50

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Fyzix Gare Maritime, TOUR & TAXIS, Picardstraat 11, 1000 Brussel, Tel 32 0490 56 34 00, Email