Fyzix House Rules and General Terms and Conditions

  1. The house rules must be strictly followed. Non-compliance or misuse will irrevocably lead to termination of the membership without refund.
  2. Members may use the showers and changing rooms. The lockers in the changing rooms may only be used while the member is present, during their workout. In the event of unauthorized use of the lockers, they will be unlocked without prior notice and their contents will be destroyed.
  3. Your membership is strictly personal. If it is used by third parties, we will charge you at least an administrative fine of €60.
  4. If you do not have your badge with you, you may be denied access. You must in any case report to the front desk.
  5. Membership grants you the right to use accommodations and activities as provided in your agreement with Fyzix.
  6. The opening hours must be respected; the accommodations must be vacated promptly at closing time.
  7. You should always bring a towel and cleaning cloth and leave the sports equipment that you use clean.
  8. Wearing sportswear and clean sports shoes is mandatory.
  9. After use, members should always return unattached training equipment to its place.
  10. One should not remain seated on any device in between series.
  11. Instructions by Fyzix staff must always be followed.
  12. Members will respect each other and not cause any inconvenience to each other.
  13. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person without stating reasons.
  14. Accident insurance is not included in the membership. If you wish, you can make use of the Personal Sports Accident Insurance offered by fitness.be (5 euros per year).
  15. A subcription’s freeze must be requested 8 days before the start of the month in question. Freezing a subscription via direct debit always applies for the entire month. For a 6 or 12 month subscription, a freeze for a minimum of 7 days can be requested.
  16. A direct debit subscription must be cancelled by e-mail. A full calendar month’s notice is always counted, i.e. the calendar month following the month in which the cancellation was requested.
  17. Every direct debit and invoice must be paid within 8 calendar days after the invoice date. Payments made after this term shall automatically and without notice of default incur interest equal to 10%, as well as (also ipso jure and without notice of default) a fixed compensation of 10% on the invoice amount (with a minimum of EUR 75) as a compensation clause. As soon as more than two monthly direct debits remain unpaid, the balance until the end of the contract will be requested.
  18. Each order or entering into a membership constitutes acceptance by the customer of our terms and conditions.
  19. In the event of disputes, only the justice of the peace of the canton or the courts of the district of our company headquarters are competent, unless the law prescribes otherwise.
  20. During unmanned hours, you may only grant access to yourself. (bringing in third parties is not allowed)

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