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Physio-fitness is a type of training in which targeted training aims to reduce complaints or injuries. If you have any chronic conditions, our accredited Physio-Fitness Centre is the place for you. Our coaches will be happy to custom-build a Physio-Fitness program for you, taking into account your potential and goals.

Functional Training
Functional training is a way of training in which you practice certain movements, such as standing up, bending over, picking up things, climbing stairs, etc., so that these movements become easier in daily life. Do you suffer from pain in your back, knees or other joints? If so, then Functional Training is perfect for you!

Core Stability
Strong core muscles ensure that you function better in daily life. A few simple exercises to train your core muscles will strengthen them and reduce your risk of lower back pain.

Stretching involves gently stretching a muscle group to train and improve the flexibility of that muscle group. Heal or prevent injuries through Stretching.

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